The Minister of Public Works of Bahamas: The ministry is dedicated to improving the tourism scenario

The Minister of Public Works of Bahamas, Desmond Bannister recently said that his ministry is dedicated to improving the tourism scenario in the country and is ready to do anything to achieve the goal.  

By improving tourism products Bannister meant ensuring that places of tourists’ interests look attractive and attract travellers.

Addressing members of the Bahamas Hotel and Tourism Associations, Bannister said, “In my capacity as Minister of Public Works, I look forward to working with you to systematically make positive improvements that will enhance the tourism product and improve the standard of living for all Bahamians.”

“It will take a sustained effort by all of us, but I’m confident that there will be a positive turn around. However, I warn you that it will be incremental as I work on a capital budget of only USD 128 million a year,’’ he said.

Bannister confirmed that the ministry has already begun to improve roadways with a focus on those in the family island.

He stated, “You’ll be aware of the work on East Bay Street, Farrington Road and Tonique Darling Highway. Many of you will also be aware of the milling that’s going on at night at the Paradise Island Bridge and the extensive paving in Palmdale.”

“Soon we will address Nassau Street, East Street, Village Road and Bernard Road. It is not an easy process and I must request your patience,” he added.