According to Fiji’s Film Commission, ‘Film-Fiji’, movies shot in the islands has generated more USD 240 million in revenue. 46 projects have been produced in Fiji so far. The projects include TV shows, documentaries and feature films. The film production in Fiji has helped in boosting the economy and provided the citizen with employment opportunities.

“Every dollar a production spends in the Fijian economy, that dollar is multiplied 2.8 times by our economy generating a new activity and spending,” said Dallas Foon, Chief Executive Officer, Film-Fiji.

“Additionally, it placed Fiji on the map as not only a film destination but a tourism destination. In 2015, Taveuni was also used as a location and Film Fiji is continuously marketing all parts of Fiji, based on the different offerings to encourage utilisation of different locations in order to spread the economic benefits,” he added.