Shruti Dugar | Kolkata

In a bid to encourage the Free Independent Travel (FIT), Klook, an abbreviation of “Keep looking” was launched by Eric Gnock Fah who is the COO & Co-founder. Speaking exclusively to Travel News Digest Fah cited that Klook, an in-destination services booking platform, was formed so as to enable people to get the best possible deals while booking their travel plans.

Klook expanded to India recently and highlighting the importance of India as one of the major markets, Fah revealed that India, with its massive economic potential and business prospects, is very crucial for Klook. With a majority of the population being millennial travellers, India has emerged as a growing market in travel and tourism.

Travellers from across the globe prefer India, which is rich in culture and heritage tourism. Both for inbound and outbound perspective, India holds a major foothold.

In Asia, China holds the largest market for Klook followed by Hong Kong, Singapore and Philippines. “India, Indonesia and Thailand are growing market for Klook. The theme is relatively new for India but we’ve been seeing an organic growing demand from India which is why we set-up an office here,” stated Fah.

As per the latest monthly report, Fah announced that there have been 15 million visits on the web and app portal. Stressing on mobile strategy this year, he added that since mobile is a major platform, people prefer mobile over desktop while booking their travel plans. They are also investing in machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) this year.

Stressing more about the travel pattern, he said the target age group is 23-35 age group and that on an average people book for 3-5 days.

“Knowing that we’ve been in the market for less than four years, 2017 was the best year as we raised more than USD 90 million. We are targeting on multi-times growth this year and are confident in expanding globally,” voiced Fah.

Recently, Klook partnered with Cleartrip which enables the India-based travel platform to augment its current offerings with a whole new selection of engaging activities and experiences, curated from European countries and South East Asian countries.