As per a survey, 97% Indian travellers prefer sustainable tourism during their holidays and are also willing to pay an extra amount if required.

73% of Indian travellers always or often choose sustainable travel and around 32% wish to pay at least 15% more to ensure as low impact on the environment, revealed the report.

Indian travellers rank first when it comes to opting for sustainable tourism followed by Brazilians and Chinese, found the survey.

Buying locally made products are one of the most sought-after sustainable activities of most of the Indian travellers i.e. 69% and 62% prefer using public transport over the taxi and 61% like to go to local restaurants that use local ingredients.

Through the survey, what came to notice is that 48% Indians wouldn’t mind skipping tourist highlights in favour of less busy and often more rewarding sights, and 58% choose a certified eco-accommodation over a traditional hotel.

With the help of the survey, it is also observed that 75% of Indians were motivated by nature’s beauty, including rainforests, coral reefs, etc.