Brazil to be a responsible tourism destination with the launch of MUDA

Estação Gabiraba, Inverted America Travel, Uakari Lodge, Tropical Tree Climbing, Turismo Consciente and Vivejar have launched MUDA – Brazilian Collective for Responsible Tourism to support responsible tourism in Brazil. MUDA means ‘Change’ and these companies have formed a collective and collaborated to position Brazil as a responsible tourism destination.

“We believe in collaboration and partnership. That is why we are more than an association, we form a collective, where we bring together companies with products of similar values and proposals, based on responsible tourism, with the aim of leveraging our promotion, marketing and commercialisation,” averred Marianne Costa, founder of Vivejar.

MUDA believes in educating and creating awareness about responsible tourism along with promoting it.

“Our goal is to always work in partnership with Embratur – Brazilian Tourism Board, influencing public policies and bringing our expertise in responsible tourism to offer technical skills and products that are truly up to the most conscious international tourists,” explains Gustavo Pinto, Director, Inverted America Travel.