Mumbai emerges as biggest source market for BLS International in India


Akansha Pandey | New Delhi

Talking about the Indian market, Shikhar Aggarwal, Joint Managing Director, BLS International highlighted that this year so far the company has processed over 50,000 Indian applications, with Mumbai being the major contributor, closely followed by Delhi and Bengaluru.

Continuing the uphill graph, this year too, the brand secured two major projects of the Embassy of Afghanistan – to provide consular services through registration of Afghan citizens in the entire middle east (including UAE and Saudi Arabia) through physical and mobile centres; and second with the Embassy of Algeria for providing visa outsourcing and consular services through visa application and attestation centres across India.

“As per targets set early this year, we have already achieved our target both in terms of countries as well as offices globally. As of now, we are operating in 61 countries serving 31 client governments with a wide network of 2346 offices in domestic and international markets. Since inception, BLS International has processed 20 million applications but going forward, we are optimistic to process 16 million applications in just 2018,” he confirmed.

From this year August onwards, BLS International launched its Mobile Biometric Services in India with its first implementation in Uttar Pradesh. This new service got operational in Russia in March early this year and later at various Spain Visa Application Centres (VACs) globally. “The Mobile Biometric Services will be convenient, time-saving and hassle-free for students, employees, sports teams, celebrities, high-net-worth individuals or production unit members, thereby respecting their need for privacy,” he said.

With intent to ease the entire application process, BLS has deployed a team who will visit the given location of an applicant for scrutiny and collection of the application and visa fees, capturing the fingerprints and photo of an applicant which is recorded live.