According to recent data, Guam has recorded the highest number of arrivals for the year 2017 which has encouraged the tourism department of Guam’s vision to expand its reach as per their new ‘Tourism 2020’ strategic agenda.  

The Guam Visitors Bureau is in the process of executing its Tourism 2020’s visitor arrival projections, which was developed in 2014.

Guam attracted around 25,000 Chinese visitors without a visa waiver, while the CNMI welcomed more than 200,000 Chinese last year through its visa waiver program, which made up 40% of their arrivals.

The tourism department has witnessed an exceptional growth in terms of Korean visitors. The goal for the Korea market was 350,000 visitors by 2020 whereas Guam nearly doubled that goal in fiscal 2017 with 649,435.

Guam has added airlines along the way. It operates 16 airlines. The latest launch was Air Seoul’s direct service from Incheon on September, increasing the number of airlines from Korea to six. However, some existing carriers, such as Delta, have suspended their service.

Some of the obvious benefits of growing and diversifying the markets translate into an increase in tourism-related jobs, government tax revenues and tourism economy sales that support private and small businesses. This growth has hugely left a positive impact on the residents, generating a steady employment opportunity.