Paris registered 16.4 million footfall in the very first half of the year and is set to lure more travellers, as confirmed by a senior official.

The hotel visits rose by 12.5% as compared to 2016, in the very first three months of 2017, due credits to the Russian and Japanese visitors who amplified the tapping of the footfall.

The overseas visitors were 16% up and the French tourist number was 9.9%, whereas Japanese tourist count saw a remarkable shoot escalating to 62% this year, running in the second position were the Russians with 51% followed by Chinese at 40% for the same time frame of 2016. Around 11.2% more hotel rooms were booked for the business visitors in the first trimester of 2017.

As per a French broadcaster, events like the Paris Air Show, plus a stimulus of €8 million for the tourism sector, including increased security has given Paris this huge number of tourists.

Nearly more the 7% of France’s national income is curated by tourism industry and in the Île-de-France region about half a million people have jobs related to tourism.