Museum on Wheels to give digital tour of famous spots in every district of Telangana

In an effort to educate people especially the youngsters, the Department of Tourism, Telangana will be making its presence felt in all districts. The Museum on Wheels, which was inaugurated on September 21, 2016, will be travelling to residential schools and colleges across all the 31 districts in the state tentatively by mid-June.

The Museum on Wheels, as per a schedule parks itself at the most popular tourist spots in the city through the week and houses two guides, trained by the department, who give a digital tour of tourist spots in the state.

S Prabhakar, District Tourism Officer, Hyderabad and Rangareddy, said, “An average of 500 people takes the virtual tour in a day.”

The bus can be spotted parked at Charminar, beside the Dhanlakshmi Temple gate, Seven Tombs, NTR Gardens and NTR Samadhi. It has a touch-screen kiosk, a replica of the Egyptian Mummy, literature related to the tourist spots, while the guides take tourists on a tour across places in the state. It operates through the week except for Fridays as most of the spots are shut on that day.