Adventurous Boat Ride to Debtamura through rain forest

Tourists flocked to the hill range in South Tripura district, Debtamura, to witness archaeological site of rock sculptures, panel of carved images on the steep mountain wall on the bank of Gomti River.A boat is the only source of approach to travel to Debtamura. The journey resembles the travel by water through the Amazon rain forest.

Ishanika Tiea, a tourist from Assam, said, “I heard that this place is really adventurous and we enjoyed taking a boat ride. I came to know about this place from internet and wanted to visit the place with my family.”

Sidhartha Debbarma, a local forest officer said, “During last two years number of tourists coming to Chabimura has grown by several folds and along with their arrival, the area has also developed increasing the income of the local population.”

Sujit Chakraborty, another tourist, said, “Chabimura has immense scope as a tourist site attracting domestic and international tourists. Moreover, the central government might encourage tourism from Bangladesh if they would spend some money on development of Gomti River for easy navigation.”