Cuba diversifying tourism products, focuses on Adventure Tourism


Diversifying its tourism products, Cuba is focusing on Adventure Tourism and has developed recreational modality Canopy to increase its offers of active vacations in this archipelago, according to reports of the Ministry of Tourism (Mintur).

An island where the main motivation to travel are its beaches, Cuba is also diversifying its offers with cultural, business, events, nature, aquatics and adventures, among others.

The Mintur pointed to the creation of three places to practice Canopy, the most recent one in the city of Trinidad, the best conserved colonial architecture of this country (the other two are in the western region).

At the beginning of 2017, the authorities announced that in the tourist resort of Trinidad, a canopy station was opened with the fascinating view of the Valley of the Sugar Factories, adding value to that place, named by UNESCO as Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

In the western region two canopy stations are already operational, one in the province of Pinar del Rio, in the Valley of Viñales and the other in Artemisa province, in the community of Las Terrazas, the oldest one in operation.