Cuba welcomes more Canadians per month than Americans



Cuba, for the sixth year running, welcomed its one millionth Canadian visitor before the year end, reaffirming Canada’s status as the number one source market to Cuba.

Cuba also welcomed its three millionth international visitor in October, which was 74 days earlier than when Cuba achieved the same feat two years ago. For 2017, the goal is four million visitors.

The country is presently in expansion mode, but even with the slow-but-sure arrival of the American market, Canadians have no reason to be concerned about grand-scale changes to one of their favourite destinations, says Eloy Govea, Director of Cuba Tourism Office, Canada.

Cuba has always been and will always be thankful to its friends, those who gave the country a hand when it needed it the most, he added, noting that the number of Canadians visiting Cuba in one month is higher than the number of Americans visiting the country in a whole year.  With the embargo still in place, Americans are still prohibited by their government to travel freely to Cuba and “99% of Canadians go to beach destinations, which Americans cannot visit as tourists due to the travel regulations they need to comply with.”

In addition, culture in Cuba is a big deal. Even in the most difficult times, culture has been the number one priority. “With so much heritage, so much beauty, so much charm, this is the country that inspires writers, plastic artists, photographers, filmmakers. On top of that, its safe streets, unspoiled nature and welcoming well-educated people, complete an ideal environment for memorable vacations.”