Theme parks in Florida to install metal detectors to ensure security


Theme-parks-in-Florida-1Three of the major theme parks in Florida have added metal detectors and other security measures to ensure public safety in the busy holiday season.

Officials at Disney, Universal and SeaWorld’s Florida theme parks said all three parks would be using metal detector screening for guests as they enter. The move comes at a time when many public venues worldwide are stepping up security efforts to thwart possible terrorism or other attacks.

Guests at Disney would be randomly selected for secondary screening. Universal says its metal detector use is a test and would not discuss specific future plans. Guests can expect bag checks and wand metal detector checks at SeaWorld.

Disney is also no longer allowing guests 14 years and older to wear costumes into its parks. This is to assist security personnel screen guests more effectively as they enter and while inside the parks.

“The safety of our guests and team members along with the welfare of our animals has always been our top priority. Like other major attractions and venues, we continually evaluate our existing comprehensive security plans,” said SeaWorld.