Indian business travellers show preference for digital booking


By booking flights online, a large section of Indian business travellers have shown the highest propensity to use such services, even ahead of the Chinese and Japanese.

This was corroborated by a study conducted by Singapore Tourism Board and travel technology firm Amadeus which said Indians are more “digital” than any other Asian nation with 85% of Indian business travellers booking their flights online.

The study pointed out that India is the highest penetrated market for online bookings. It is not surprising to see travel companies reporting a lion’s share of bookings through mobile applications and hotel chains rolling out digital check-in and checkout processes to woo Indians. Indians were at the top when it comes to personal spending on business travel budget directed towards big-ticket items such as flight and hotel upgrades.

“The conventional mode of booking tickets offline is fading away as Indians now want to be empowered and make their own bookings. Majority of our corporate customers have now shifted to online wherein we have given them a booking tool with all the content and they can book their own tickets,” said Indiver Rastogi, Chief Operating Officer and Head, corporate travel, Thomas Cook India.

Business travellers from India want freedom in their travel booking processes and prefer to make their own bookings via online portals. In fact, many of them want to book directly with a provider or book using their company’s online booking tool.