Iran providing foreign travellers with guideline booklet


Iran providing foreign travellers - Insert

The head of the Cultural Heritage, Tourism, and Handicraft Organisation, Iran, Masoud Soltanifar announced that the country has begun providing foreign travellers with a booklet, which includes guidelines for social behaviour and codes of attire observed in the country.

The booklet entitled ‘Hamrah Safar’, which literally means ‘travel companion’, would be available at Iran’s embassies around the world, he said.

Obeying Islamic dress-code is essential in Iran, especially for women. Consumption of pork products and alcoholic drinks are also forbidden and their import is illegal.

In the last two years, Iran’s Tourism industry witness a growth of 12%, Soltanifar said during a meeting with Iran’s ambassadors to other countries.

He added that it is the beginning of a boom in the tourism industry, which flourished after a historic agreement on Iran’s nuclear program.

“About 900 tourism projects are currently underway in different parts of Iran and we believe that this industry boost economical situation of Iran as well,” he said.

“Iran’s on-arrival visa validity has been extended from 14 days to 30 days during past months,” Soltanifar added.

The 30-day validity can also be extended for another 15 days once a tourist enters the country.

He said that the government plan to facilitate the process for issuing visa and plan to build more hotels and increase the number of tourist information offices in other countries to attract more foreign tourists to Iran.