Azerbaijan undertakes measures for development of tourism


Azerbaijan undertakes measures - Insert

The Ministry of Culture & Tourism held the second meeting of the working group on tourism statistics. It involved representatives of the Ministry of Economy & Industry, the State Migration Service, the State Statistics Committee and the Central Bank of Azerbaijan.

“The meeting participants covered such issues as employment in tourism, use of the system of tourism satellite account (TSA) in Azerbaijan, the share of tourism in GDP, costs of foreign tourists. Various options on improvement of the methods for obtaining the main indicators were suggested,” the Ministry said.

Some measures were taken to improve tourism statistics. In particular, to clarify the share of tourism in GDP, the State Statistics Committee ensured obtaining the primary data from individuals, and that the number of employees in the tourism industry is calculated on the basis of the recommendations of the World Tourism Organisation (IRTS 2008) on 14 characteristics.

Azerbaijan has further plans to make its tourism sector more attractive by opening Tourism Bureau and Department of Strategic Studies. To further promote the sector, the Association of Hotels and Restaurants established the Department of Strategic Studies for the hospitality and tourism industries.