Scotland to market itself as LGBT-friendly travel destination



The Equality Network, Scotland’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex equality and human rights charity has released a new report called ‘Wish you were here – The Scottish LGBT Travel Report’, which highlights the opportunities of marketing Scotland to the world as an LGBT friendly travel destination. The research behind the report was conducted in partnership with Visit Scotland, the national tourism organisation.

The report showed that despite 77% of those surveyed considering Scotland an LGBT Friendly destination, only three percent said Scotland comes to mind first when thinking about LGBT destinations around the world.

Scott Cuthbertson, from the Equality Network said, “Scotland has all the ingredients of a world class LGBT friendly travel destination, a favourable legal landscape, great places to visit and the friendliest people in the world, it’s time to make more of that and send out a warm welcome to LGBT travellers.”

The Equality Network informed that it is developing an LGBT travel guide which would be launched next year and distributed in core markets. The aim of the guide is to persuade more LGBT tourists to visit Scotland.

Visit Scotland has also used the research behind the report to launch a special LGBT portal on to better support the needs of LGBT travellers.