Tamil Nadu leads domestic and foreign tourist arrivals in 2014


Tamil Nadu received the highest number of domestic tourists during 2014. Tamil Nadu received 327.6 million domestic tourists in 2014 followed by Uttar Pradesh which received 182.8 million domestic tourists during the same period, according to the data compiled by the Market Research Division of Ministry of Tourism.

During 2014, the number of domestic tourist visits to the States/ UTs was 1282 million as compared to 1145 million in 2013 and 1045 million in 2012. The number of domestic tourist visits to States/UTs registered a growth of 11.93% over 2013 as compared to growth of 9.59% in 2013 over 2012.

The top 10 States in terms of number of domestic tourist visits (in millions), during 2014, were Tamil Nadu (327.6), Uttar Pradesh (182.8), Karnataka (118.3), Maharashtra (94.1), Andhra Pradesh (93.3), Telengana (72.4), Madhya Pradesh (63.6), West Bengal (49.0) Jharkhand (33.4) and Rajasthan (33.1).

The contribution of top 10 States was about 83.28% to the total number of domestic tourist visits during 2014.

Tamil Nadu and Uttar Pradesh have maintained the first and second rank respectively in terms of DTVs in 2014, whereas Karnataka and Maharashtra have come at 3rd and 4th position, respectively, due to the split of the state of Andhra Pradesh (dropped down to 5th rank) and Telangana (6th rank).

Madhya Pradesh has slipped to rank 7th in 2014 from rank 6th in 2013 where as West Bengal has improved to rank 8th in 2014 from rank 9th in 2013. Jharkhand has entered into top 10 States improving its rank to 9th in 2014 from 14th in 2013.