7 million travellers connect with Else Globe app in 2015


The new Else Globe app, which allows travellers, backpackers, students and au-pairs to connect and meet each other as a group, will be used by 7 million people in 43 countries in 2015. 40 larger and smaller travel organisations and companies have partnered up with Else in order to spread the new 4.0 version app among their clients.

It involves companies like Greyhound, AIFS, ISX, Nomads, SayTC, Britannia Students and WEP. Together they serve over 7 million travellers a year, who get to download the free app. All 40 travel companies will get their own branded version of the app. The app allows travellers all over the world to find each other and meet up.

“Else is not a dating-app, so there would not be any nerve-racking one-on-one situations like you would have on Tinder. You can invite a group of people to have fun and do nice things together, and make new friends while you are at it. There are always fellow travellers who would like to travel or hang out with you. That is the reason why the app’s users are enthusiastic from day one,” said Ruud Winder of Else Globe.

The new 4.0 version has a group chat feature, making contact between travellers even easier. The app is available at the App- and Playstore.

“Our app is not a machine or just a piece of software. We are hosting an environment where travellers meet each other. We feel responsible for them. Like they are living in our house,” said Mark Wittebrood. “We keep the app as clean as possible. That means no spam from ‘exotic girls’ with dodgy requests, or from fake travellers pushing an ad for new sports shoes. Only likable requests of nice people around you.”