Nine areas in Romania have been selected to replenish and improve the state of their ecological tourism value. The decision has been taken under the project of €154,741, launched by the Ecotourism Association of Romania (AER) and the National Authority for Tourism (ANT). The project has been introduced to offer technical support to those areas which are keen to gain the tag of ecotourism destination. The value of the grant, under which the nine areas will be redeveloped, is €139,015.

“I am sure that by means of ecotourism the chances of attracting tourists to this kind of destinations in Romania grow. A first result of the partnership between ANT, non-governmental and private organizations is to nominate the first two ecotourism destinations in Romania – the area Mara-Cosau-Creasta Cocosului and Zarnesti. The areas which obtain the status of Ecotourism Destination benefit from an efficient promotion at national and international levels of cultural assets and natural attractions, and make an important step in applying the concept of responsible tourism,” said Razvan Filipescu, President, ANT.