St. Louis has launched a new promotional campaign to draw more foreign tourists to the city. The effort is specially aimed at the three big source market- Canada, Mexico and the United Kingdom. Last year about 87,000 travellers from those countries visited the area.

“Part of the effort is to get more foreign tourists to linger in St. Louis while following old Route 66 from Chicago to Los Angeles. Such trips already are popular with German and British visitors,” said Brian Hall, the CVC’s Chief Marketing Director.

To help St. Louis achieve its goal, Brand USA has lent a helping hand. Brand USA has produced promotional videos directed towards the residents of Canada, Mexico and the United Kingdom.

Afterwards, the videos, which will be distributed very soon, will be showcased on Brand USA’s website and YouTube. They also will be used in targeted email campaigns and will be pitched heavily to tour companies.

Apart from the major three source markets, St. Louis is also expecting a good number of visitors from Japan and China.

“Down the road, so to speak, St. Louis videos for China and Japan might be produced,” Hall added. “The Asian countries already are St. Louis’ fourth- and fifth-largest sources of foreign visitors.”