Indians bag the third position in getting best value room rates


300109 machu piccu peru ANP-11864932_0 released the latest Hotel Price Index (HPI), which revealed that in 2013, at Rs. 5,254 a night Indian travellers stood third in terms of getting the best value hotel room rates domestically. However, travellers from Thailand begged the first place at Rs. 5,160 a night and second place went to Malaysian tourists at Rs. 5,198 a night.

The report also stated that Swiss travellers paid the most on hotel rooms at home averaging Rs. 12,400 a night followed by travellers from Norway at Rs. 10,834 and Singapore travellers came third at Rs. 10,722 a night domestically.

When it comes to spending on hotel rooms abroad, Indian travellers were placed in the middle of the most generous travellers with average payments of Rs. 8,751 a night, a list topped by tourists from Switzerland with an average of Rs. 10,642 per night. The Argentineans came in second, followed by the U.S. tourists.

Out of the 32 countries analysed, 24 paid more in abroad than at home. Argentineans topped this chart, followed by Thais and Indians and Chinese tourists.  On the contrary, 7 nations paid more at home than away in which Singaporeans landed on the first position, followed by the Swiss and the Norwegians.