The mysterious and beautiful ruins of Machu Picchu in Peru have always been a major tourist attraction. However, the Peruvian government is facing some challenges regarding “public nudity” at this sacred, “Lost City of the Incas”. The government has imposed strict laws to ban tourists from getting naked at Machu Picchu.

The officials are facing many cases, leaving them annoyed,  on a daily basis where tourists are stripping down to the basic essentials while visiting the 650-year-old fortress. In the most recent incident on March 14, four Americans were detained and their camera was confiscated after they were caught posing for their own nude photos at Machu Picchu. Earlier in the week, two Canadians and two Australians were detained for getting naked and posing for photos. An Israeli tourist has put up an entire web site with nude photos of himself from around South America, including Machu Picchu. Officials stated that such incidents are “disrespectful” and “unfortunate events that threaten cultural heritage.”

“There are places in the world that people can get naked, but not all places are (appropriate) for getting undressed,” said Alfredo Mormontoy Atayupanqui, Director of Archaeological Resources for Peru’s Ministry of Culture.