1888-Hotel-Sydney-2 (1)

The 1888 Hotel in Sydney, Australia is going to be the world’s first self-acclaimed Instagram hotel which is designed around the photo-sharing app. It is beautifully designed with free Wi-Fi and an iPad in every room that prompts the guests to take “selfies” before checking in. It is also giving a free stay to the travellers with more than 10,000 followers, and allows customers to display a stream of their own Instagram posts in their room.

Paul Fischmann, CEO of 8 Hotels said, “People are taking images wherever they go and sharing them with their friends, so we thought we’d play on that a little bit with things like the ‘selfie space’ and the monthly competitions.”

This innovative idea has already been hailed as an excellent promotional stunt as the guests give the hotel social lift by sending out constant stream of property photos of the hotel’s modern and funky design which helps it to get onto guests’ social streams.