Iceland launches new

‘Share the Secret’ is the new campaign launched by ‘Inspired by Iceland’, the country’s tourism promotional effort. In this promotional campaign travellers are motivated to seek out the country’s hidden treasures which are still behind the veil. The campaign will utilise local, experts and other tourists’ knowledge to bring out all the information.

An array of genres such as Icelandic culture, nature, food, music, shopping, design, and adventure is being covered under this campaign.  Inga Hlín Pálsdóttir, Director for Tourism & Creative Industries at Promote Iceland, said, “This year we want to encourage Icelanders and visitors alike to share with others just what makes the country so magical. We want to highlight the undiscovered side of Iceland and show that Iceland is a place of adventure and discovery and we are hoping that travellers will be inspired to come and seek out the secrets of others and leave with their own to share.”This campaign will not only boost the spirit of adventure and curiosity among tourists, it will accelerate the number of tourists visiting Iceland, as well.  The website is the special ‘secret-sharing’ hub with blog and maps, where Icelanders and tourists can share their special places and their never-before-experiences.