Boeing delivers British Airways’ first 787 Dreamliner


Boeing delivers British

Boeing and British Airways announced the delivery of the UK based carrier’s first Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

British Airways (BA) reveals that its 787 will soon start flying regularly to U.S. cities of Toronto and Newark.

“The 787 will become a mainstay of the British Airways fleet over the next few years,” Willie Wash, CEO of BA parent company IAG, said in a statement. This is the first of 24 that will arrive by 2017.

Boeing vice president of European sales Todd Nelp said, “The delivery of the first of BA’s 787s is an exciting milestone for Boeing and British Airways.

“The 787 is the most technologically advanced and fuel-efficient commercial jetliner in its class. Its improved lighting, bigger windows, larger overhead bins, lower cabin altitude and cleaner cabin air will offer BA’s passengers an unparalleled flying experience.”