Jamaica tourism minister endorses Rastafarian Indigenous Village


Jamaica tourism minister endorses Rastafarian Indigenous Village


Jamaica’s Tourism and Entertainment Minister, Dr. Wykeham McNeill is overjoyed with the Rastafarian Indigenous Village in Jamaica’s Portobello and said it is a “a very good community based tourism project which is poised to bring tremendous benefits to Jamaica”.

The project, located in St James, is being funded by the Jamaica Social Investment Fund’s Rural Economic Development Initiative to the tune of a little over $194,000.

“A lot of elements which go together to make up the Jamaican culture and heritage, including the Rastafarian culture, is present here at the village, and I believe that this is a good project that seeks to attract visitors who would be interested in our culture,” McNeill said in a government release.

The Rastafarian Village project is 95 percent complete. The property includes a wellness centre and healing garden, a Solomonic Mall, herbal pharmacy, a restaurant and other components.