Tech is helping travel-sector to become more traveller centric

According to UNWTO, by 2020 India will account for 50 million outbound travellers and technology in travel holds a prominent place in achieving these numbers.

Speaking exclusively of Travel News Digest, Anil Kumar Prasanna, CEO, AxisRooms talked about how technology will help in evolving the travel sector in the coming future. “Preference orders, sentiment analysis will be future of trav–tech confluence, every customer should be understood, his experience needs to be better from choices of destination, airline, hotels, food, activities till his preferred payment modes are something which large travel companies are working towards,” he said.

Talking about the expectations of new-age travellers in travel space today, he quipped, “Travellers expect a lot of innovation in holiday space, including flexibility/availability of cheap fares, with accommodation, transfers, sightseeing all plugged into one package and traveller ability to choose options. There are startups working on NLP, ML, AI to understand traveller sentiments to give the right option and save his hours of the time of research on the internet.”

Prasanna confirmed OTA (Online Travel Agency) has a quicker turnaround of transactions due to seamless integration and last mile connectivity.

He also said that with so many credit cards and push for the digital economy from the government, people are used to mobile payments and transfers.

As far as spending capacity is concerned, he said, “I think Indians spend more than Chinese in their outbound travel as shopping and Indian food is still a usual must, and due to the advantage of English language our tourists venture into self-travel through taxis, metros and public transportations too.”