With a strong visitor growth in 2018, the Jamaica Tourist Board aims to boost leisure travellers in Kingston. Kingston, the capital of Jamaica, has always been the centre for business travellers, but the country’s new Tourism Director, Donovan White wants Kingston to be promoted focussing on the leisure travellers as well. The city of Kingston is filled with authentic culture, music history, fine dining and nightlife.

To boost leisure travellers in the capital city, the Jamaica Tourist Board has taken up the initiative to build a pop-up cruise terminal, informed the tourism director. “Whether or not we have a pop-up cruise terminal in Kingston, which is still in the exploratory stage, it is the capital of Jamaica and the heart of business and entertainment in Jamaica,” explained White. “And we also pride ourselves in providing a diversity of options in Kingston from gastronomy to nightlife, to large entertainment events, to business conferences and lots of stuff.”

The aim is to get the travellers to spend a couple of nights in Kingston before travelling to the beach destinations. “There is a lot of things to do and we encourage visitors to plan a day or two in Kingston to fill out the Jamaica experience,” said White. “If you haven’t experienced Kingston, you haven’t truly experienced all that Jamaica has to offer.”

“Part of what we are doing is reinventing the product of Kingston to include tours of its vistas and the journey to the Blue Mountains. But a tour of Kingston is so much more. This is also where you can have fine Jamaican cuisines downtown and you can stop at the ‘Devon House I Scream’ shop for a scoop. You can then go up to the government museums, see the Hope Botanical Gardens heritage site and then head over to the Bob Marley Museum,” added White.

According to the Jamaica Tourist Board, there were 1.25 million stays over tourist arrivals from January to June 2018, a 5.9% increase in arrivals over the same period last year and over one million cruise arrivals representing a 4.8% increase compared to last year. Jamaica witnessed an overall market growth of 5.4% for the first six months of 2018.

Speaking about this achievement, White asserted, “It has been all hands on deck as teams locally and overseas spread the message of destination Jamaica’s commitment to providing exciting and authentic experiences to all visitors. As we ramp up our digital marketing strategies among a range of other initiatives, we are confident that the value of our tourism product will continue to attract visitors.”