Tourism Ireland hosts conference on impacts of technology in the tourism sector

Tourism Ireland hosted a conference in Aviva Stadium in Dublin, highlighting the impact of technology on tourism.

The conference created an understanding among people working within the tourism sector about the impact of emerging technologies on their businesses. It also examined how to take full advantage of new technologies to grow their business. Discussions centred on the nature and drivers of technological change – including artificial intelligence (AI), the blockchain, accelerated computing, data and MarTech, as well as changes in consumer behaviour – and outlined the scale of the opportunities and risks they have.

A panel of expert speakers highlighted the scale of change underway and how it was related to tourism. They showcased case studies and workshops specifically geared towards the tourism and travel sector. Gerd Leonhard was the keynote speaker, a leading voice on a wide range of topics, including digital transformation and the opportunities and challenges it presents.

Niall Gibbons, CEO of Tourism Ireland, said, “The strong attendance by tourism representatives from across the island of Ireland at our conference demonstrated the importance of technology in our industry and the critical need to look to the future of Irish and global tourism, in the face of fast-moving technology advances. The conference discussed some of the exciting developments in the digital world, how these will affect the tourism industry specifically and how tourism companies can understand and leverage emerging travel tech to win business.”