J&K government bans use of polythene at tourism hot-spots

In a move to conserve the nature and to promote green and sustainable tourism, the Jammu and Kashmir Government has declared tourist hotspots and resorts in Ladakh and Kashmir as no polythene zones. The government also banned the use of non-biodegradable plastic at the tourist hot-spots.

Mehmood Shah, Director, Kashmir Tourism, said, “In order to make Kashmir division, including Leh and Kargil, polythene-free, it is hereby ordered that all tourist units are declared polythene-free zones. The tourist destinations or resorts are also brought under the ambit of no polythene zones.”

Revealing further on this move, he stated the tourism department has installed a magnetic waste disintegrator and an auto-composer at the Gulmarg ski-resort, which will be capable of processing bio-degradable waste. He said, “The disintegrator shreds polythene and converts into ash. It has been helpful to process waste without causing any harm to the environment.”

This move will likely motivate tourists to become more responsible and help the government achieve sustainable tourism.