Revolutionary forms of transport, over tourism and digitalisation in the tourism industry, will be the key topics at the Leading Travel Industry Think Tank. They will also examine innovative and far-reaching trends in the travel industry, politics and business.

At numerous sessions, the global travel industry’s experts will focus on key topics, including over tourism, revolutionary forms of transport for business and private travel, as well as the challenges posed by artificial intelligence and its future prospects in the travel sector.

Digitalisation and artificial intelligence are two topics virtually dominating society and business around the world. On March 7,  2018, the ITB Future Day will examine how the travel industry is affected by these developments and in what specific ways tour operators can make use of artificial intelligence. The focus this year will be on personalised products and the individual customer experience.

Keynote speakers will include Dr Oliver Heckmann, Vice President, Engineering, Shopping and Travel, Google Inc. At the Hospitality CIO panel, global pioneers of innovative technology will discuss prospects and the challenges posed by digitalisation in the hotel industry. Topics to be addressed by these well-known CIOs include devices, virtual reality, big data, the impact of chat bots and robots and how to personalise the customer experience. They will also offer an insight into how this will change market competition in the hospitality industry.