Tourism Minister lays emphasis on cleanliness to boost tourism

KJ Alphons, Minister of State with Independent Charge for Tourism, Government of India, encouraged youths to make India a better place by keeping the surroundings clean and thus promote tourism.

Alphons pointed out that India, with 5,000 years old civilization, amazing culture, beaches, backwaters, hill stations and philosophical school of thoughts, is lagging behind in tourism and the way to boost the tourism potential is to take the responsibility to make the environment clean to highlight what the true diversity of India.

“If everyone takes the onus, the country would become clean; civilisation is within us and if we don’t demonstrate it then there is no civilisation,” said the minister.

The tourism minister called upon youths to carry in their hearts a mission to make India a better place and to take steps to ensure that in the next five years, over 25 million come to the country every year.