The Q Experiences’ White Continent trip to kick off in December

The White Continent, the much-anticipated trip by The Q Experiences to the seventh continent – Antarctica will start from Ushuaia, commonly known as End of World. Prior to the White Continent’s cruise sailing off, travellers will get a chance to explore Ushuaia, where they can unwind at a luxury resort Arakur.

On December 8, Michelin-starred Chef Atul Kochhar, who is the onboard Chef will greet all travellers at Ushuaia as the cruise prepares for the flag off and will interact with guests. Come December 9, the travellers will depart from Ushuaia and board the luxury cruise to commence the Antarctica expedition.

Of the many handcrafted journeys envisioned by The Q Experiences, The White Continent is a flagship trip that will take one to the icy vastness of Antarctica. A Curated Journey, this is India’s first luxury cruise journey carrying 200 travellers only, on an 11-day journey to the exotic icy continent.

The sleek ship has 132 staterooms and suites, complete with French interiors. Apart from multiple cuisines, entertainment, live music, performance shows, the ship will also have expert naturalists on board for enriching the voyage.