Mexico Tourism launches “A World of Its Own” campaign


In order to lure travellers from around the globe, the Mexico Tourism board unveiled a new global campaign “A World of Its Own” in New York City. The campaign throws light on Mexico’s vibrant tourist destinations and promotes Mexico as a global tourism destination.

The tourism campaign “A World of Its Own” comes at the time when Mexico is thriving as a go-to destination for travellers across the world. According to UNWTO Mexico has climbed from the 15th (2012) to the 8th most visited country in the world. Thus, the campaign will help Mexico in attaining the desired number of tourists in coming years.

“This new campaign is an invitation to immerse yourself in everything that is Mexico,” stated Hector Flores Santana, Mexico Tourism Board’s CEO. “We feel the name says it all: Mexico is true ‘A World of Its Own’. We constantly hear visitors tell us that Mexico is unlike anything they have experienced. They have shared their marvel that in just one day they can relax at one of the world’s top beaches, stroll through colourful markets, hear the Maya language still spoken, visit a crystal blue water cenote hidden in the jungle and, finally, savour a mix of modern and ancient flavours at dinner. This new campaign seeks to capture this positive overwhelming feeling of sensations and discovery.”

In order to attract more tourist and make this campaign truly global, Mexico Tourism department will work on making the website more appealable to the public and their digital platforms to showcase the world about the unique offerings of Mexico.  A video featuring 360 degree view Mexico experiences titled ‘World Of Its Own’ will be shot which is designed to cater the customized market and consumer segments which will highlight Mexico’s unique tourism products like beaches, romance, adventure and nature, medical and wellness, LGBT, cruises, culture, high-impact events, luxury, sustainability and gastronomy.

The Mexico Tourism Board’s Chief Marketing Officer, Emmanuel Rey, added, “It’s time for Mexico to connect with travellers on a more personal level, now more than ever. ‘A World of Its Own’ will both engage consumers by sharing the breadth of experiences Mexico has to offer and, more importantly, challenge travellers to live life to the fullest, awaken their drive to imagine and ensure travel is an important part of how they discover the world and themselves.”