Japan eyes ¥8 trillion revenues from foreign tourists spending


Japan is witnessing a boom in the number of international  arrivals and a hike in expenditure  by tourists with the Japanese tourism industry focusing more on expenditure of personal items as well as special experiences, instead of focusing merely on souvenirs.

The term ‘bagukai’ or explosive shopping which is particularly carried out by Chinese travellers are helping in turning the business up for local departmental store operators, who are recording high sales turnover from such tourists. The tourists generally buy home appliances for families and friends.

The Japanese Tourism Agency has stated that a total  of ¥1.08 trillion was generated  in the period of April-June, which encompasses travel-related shopping inclusive of meal charges, hotel charges by foreign tourists. The spending on shopping has also witnessed a growth of 15%.

The Japanese government has set a target of raising the spending by foreign tourists to ¥8 trillion in 2020, more than double of the money spent by the tourists in  2016.