Bodoland Tourism introduced to South Indian tourism market

Assam’s Bodoland, better known for its wildlife culture, made its debut as a tourist destination to the South Indian market at an event organized by India International Travel Mart (IITM) in Bangalore.

Bhuma Rani Bargayary, Assistant Tourist Information Officer, Department of Tourism, Bodoland said, “This is the first time we are participating in South India. The awareness level among travels from South India is picking up after we started receiving people from last season.”

It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, sheltering many wild animals and birds such as one-horned rhino, panther, Royal Bengal Tiger, Wild Asiatic water buffaloes, etc. Rare and endangered species of birds like the Bengal Florican and the hornbill are sheltered there. There are more than 450 bird species here.

“Bodoland is an upcoming tourist destination. We are a territorial council within the state of Assam. We mostly promote wildlife with Manas National Park being our main product,” said Bhuma.

Bhuma said that the landscape of Manas is marked by three different moods as a result of its seasons and the ensuing burst of colors is a treat for the eye.

“Mana has three different moods. When the monsoons begin in July, the wild grasses (elephant grasses) grow very tall and by November, the Forest Department burns them, making it look barren. The new shoots that come up draw herbivores for grazing and hence, there are more sightings of animals such as spotted deer, swamp deer, and birds. As the shoots grow taller, it is a different beauty altogether. In February and March, the orchids and silk cotton plants start to bloom. When the cotton plants start blooming, the entire forest turns red and when the cotton starts to break in March and April, they flutter all over making the expanse look like a white carpet.”

For butterfly lovers, there are more than 400 different species of butterflies in the reserve forest of Ultapani.

There is also the Chakrashila Wildlife Sanctuary which promotes to conserve the Golden Langur.

Bodoland Tourism has planned to cultivate the paragliding in Chakrashila, which will be open for tourists from the next season.

Besides this, the Mahamaya temple draws many pilgrims in the Bodoland from all over.

The nearest airport is Guwahati, which is about a three-hour drive.