South Australia Tourism optimistic about Indian arrivals


A growth of 15 to 20% in Indian arrivals has been recorded by the South Australia Tourism last year. The tourism board is also bullish on the growth of interest of Indian tourists for the Kangaroo Islands and Adelaide over the last one year.

According to Vinod Advani, Tourism Trade Ambassador, South Australia, “In the last one year, there has been more awareness about offerings in South Australia. Kangaroo Island has emerged as one of the most sought after an attractive destination in Australia. People arrive in Adelaide to visit Kangaroo Island.”

The South Australia Tourism Board is emphasising on the flow of Indian Tourists on Kangaroo Island. Kylie Bamfield, Regional Tourism Manager, Tourism Kangaroo Island, said, “Kangaroo Island has emerged as the fourth must go destination in Australia. We have offerings all year round. 40% of our arrivals are from the international travellers. Though UK, Europe and the US have been the most popular source markets for us, Indians, especially in the last few years, have started visiting Kangaroo Islands in good numbers.”

Laura Robinson, Tourism Manager, Adelaide Oval SMA Ltd, said, “Adelaide is one of the most emerging destinations in Australia. We offer the roof climb tour of the world famous Oval cricket ground. The roof climb tour gives exceptional landscape view of the Adelaide city. The two to three-hour tour also offers visitors an opportunity to see the changing room of players and see the Sir Don Bradman collections present inside the stadium. The UK and India are the top source markets for us. FITS and groups ranging from 200 to 300 visits in good numbers. We are hopeful that more travellers will visit us as Oval will be hosting Ashes test match and day & night test matches this year.”