Online wallet Paytm has recently redesigned its flight cancellation and refund experience to make it even more intuitive and easy for the customers who want hassle-free flight cancellations.

The new and convenient design helps the customers to compare the fare breakup with the cancellation fee charged by the respective airline. The new user-friendly design will help the users to select multiple passengers and journey legs in one go instead cancelling each ticket individually. The new change will also help the user in knowing the refund amount in a more simplified manner.

Further, Paytm will prompt the customer with the respective airline’s helpline number if the user is attempting to cancel a ticket very close to the departure time. With the new service provided by Paytm, a customer can request for a no-show refund in case he/she end up missing the flight.

Abhishek Rajan, Vice President, Paytm, said, “Typically 10% of the users end up cancelling their flight ticket due to last minute change in their travel plans. We have therefore attempted to further simplify the flight cancellation and refund experience on our platform and made it more intuitive and seamless for our customers.”

Earlier, Paytm had stated that it doesn’t charge any cancellation processing fee for flight tickets cancelled by users on its platform. Hence, this development validates its stern focus on building a great customer experience in the travel space.