A roadmap for Sustainable Tourism in Norway was presented by 10 tourism- and conservation-related organisations organised at Arendalsuka in Norway.  

This cooperation between tourism and conservation is quite unique as the world has agreed to the common and concrete definition of sustainability signifying that the direction the consortium drafted is quite promising.

The publishers of the roadmap described that Norway has great opportunity to be presented as a sustainable and profitable travel and tourism industry. The Government had earlier presented a report, ‘Experience Norway– unique and adventurous’ which highlighted the potential of tourism.

The roadmap ideally presented with a vision for Norway to achieve the tag of sustainable travel and tourism by 2050 by implementing scientifically approved ways. It is desired to work as a Government’s Green Competitiveness strategy, which provides the framework for a green shift in the travel and tourism industry that will help to strengthen and sustain the sector’s competitiveness while meeting the stronger needs for strict policy measures in the context of Norway’s climate and environment policy.

It sets ahead a plan for tourism enterprises to have long as well as short-term plans towards the sustainable society by 2050 to maintain a competitive edge globally.

The roadmap aims to promote Norway’s Sustainable Tourism because travel and tourism industry has a great built-in potential for low-emission solutions; it is labour intensive; it covers a number of economic sectors along its value chain; it can safeguard natural and cultural capital through a greener, cross-sectoral and experience-based destination