According to the data by the New Zealand Winegrowers, Wine Tourism is the new trend amongst the international travellers. Data revealed that 24% of the international tourists visit the vineyards and wineries in New Zealand. It was about 13% four years ago.

 New Zealand winegrowers have launched a website which contains all the details about the wine industry in the country and details about the wineries to visit. The site features the details of more than 450 wineries that can be visited by the tourists.

Chris Yorke, Global Marketing Director, New Zealand Winegrowers, said, “Wine Tourism provides an exciting opportunity for the tourism industry to showcase the rich reserves of wines in the unique locations of New Zealand, where they are grown and produced.”

Stephen England-Hall, CEO, Tourism New Zealand, said, “Wine Tourism has such wide appeal because the visitors in New Zealand can explore the world of wineries in any season and across many regions during their stay.”

In 2017, nearly 3.65 million international tourists have visited New Zealand.