UK witnesses surge in Chinese travellers


In 2016, the value of China’s growing outbound travel market stood at 120 million, with Chinese tourist staying longer and spending more than the average visitor in the UK.

The Q4 report of 2016 has revealed that Chinese tourism to the UK grew by 10% after a record breaking 2015. An increase of 31% of bookings by Chinese tour operators to London was observed in 2017. The capital luxury quarter noticed 39% increase in tax-free shopping for designer clothes, handbags and jewellery in the same period.

On an average, Chinese visitors spend £2,174 during their stay, more than 70% of the average tourist. Chinese spend on an average 15 nights compared to others. The Chinese payment option Union Pay has accelerated more spends in the UK.

Brexit had a positive effect for inbound tourism with more overseas tourists visiting the UK in April as the fall in sterling made a good value. Chinese visitors to London spent twice as much time and money as they do it in Europe which in turn benefited the capital’s luxury good sellers.

VisitBritain has a very strong base of traveller’s interest. It recently partnered with Alitrip, Alibaba Group’s tourism arm and had set a British market place to showcase UK, providing great offerings and experiences to the Chinese consumers.

Britain is increasingly welcoming Chinese to visit UK and encouraging hotels, visitors’ attraction and shops to adopt Chinese-friendly products and services.