100% Pure New Zealand Specialist Programme to inspire travel sellers


Tourism New Zealand has introduced the new and improved version of its 100% Pure New Zealand Specialist Programme. The new programme introduced has a Gold, Silver and Bronze tier structure and provides specialists the opportunity to list their offerings on Tourism New Zealand’s main marketing channel– newzealand.com.

Speaking about the programme, Steven Dixon, Tourism New Zealand’s Regional Manager- South and South East Asia, said, “As India is a priority market for us, it is important for us to constantly educate our Indian trade partners with product knowledge and new developments taking place in New Zealand. The 100% Pure New Zealand Specialist Programme has evolved significantly over time. We are confident the improved programme will meet the needs of industry.”

By successfully completing 10 training modules, the seller is entitled to become a 100% Pure New Zealand Bronze Specialist and the status can be maintained by completing two additional training modules every two years.

The Silver Specialist can be earned by attending one TNZ led in-country or webinar training session or the Kiwi Link event, in addition to the 10 training modules. The status of the Silver programme can be maintained like the Bronze programme with the addition of the seller attending one in market or webinar training every two years. The Gold Specialist can be gained by successfully completing all the above-mentioned training modules along with visiting New Zealand for at least three nights in the last five years.