Guillaume Hamel reveals why one should visit Cotentin, France


Cherbourg Tourisme Director Guillaume Hamel while revealing plans for the new tourism office in Normandy explained that why tourist will find visiting Cotentin an exciting experience.

According to Hamel, Cotentin is the untouched Normandy. “It is completely different from the image the world currently has of Normandy. The Cotentin Peninsula is the North-West coast of France just across from the UK. Here we have some of the most untouched, almost savage, beaches in France– many of these are protected heritage sites so you won’t find ugly constructions or sea walls built along them,” he said.

Hamel also pointed out 10 key places to visit in Cotentin which are as follows:

• Experiencing sunrise at Saint Vaast La Hougue and sunset at Carteret on the same day.

• The wild Biville Dunes and then finding one of the most quiet beaches in France.

• The rough sea during a winter storm in Cap de la Hague.

• Hiking on the historical Smugglers Tracks along the cliffs and coastline off the Channel Islands.

• Visiting Tatihou Island to party at the World Music Festival in August.

• Climbing 365 stairs and 52 floors of the 18th century Gateville lighthouse – also third highest lighthouse in the world – for a stunning view of land and sea.

• Kayaking in the Cotentin Marshes a truly awe-inspiring experience.

• Visiting Cité de la Mer and experiencing an adventure under the sea onboard a real nuclear submarine.

• Walking through the exquisite botanical parks and gardens of Vauville.

• Feasting at Barfleur, which has been awarded the title of ‘one of the most beautiful villages in France’.