France to restructure its local tourist boards for an aggressive tourism promotion strategy


The Cotentin Peninsula, also known as the Cherbourg Peninsula in the Normandy region of France will soon see its many tourism boards undergo a major restructuring in the next few months.

By June this year, 11 local tourism boards will have merged into one big entity and renamed Cotentin Tourist office making it one of the most powerful tourism board in the country with an annual budget of four million euros. Out of this budget, up to one million euros will be kept aside to promote Cotentin worldwide; of which India, Middle East and China will be important focus markets.

Guillaume Hamel, Director, Cherbourg Tourisme, said, “It is how it is and we’re still the top tourist destination in the world. But, having said that, there is a lot more we can do and once the new structure is in place, we hope to bring in more tourists to the Cotentin Peninsula and showcase the wild and untouched landscapes and beaches we have here.”

Hamel said that he also wants to put Cotentin back on the cruise map and promote the region as a hiking destination too. “The cruise industry is getting bigger and bigger in Europe. The port of Cherbourg used to receive almost 1000 calls a year, which works out to almost three ships a day going to various places in the world-New York, Buenos Aires. Currently, we have 65,000 passengers a year and 40 cruise calls. This is one of the main aspects we are going to work on. We also have a fantastic range of premium shore excursions available from Cherbourg on a cruise ship for the day,” he concluded.