Brazil unveils new measures to lure foreign tourists


The government of Brazil has unveiled its plan to introduce the ‘Brazil + Tourism’ program, which is actually a series of measures to strengthen the tourism sector of the nation.

Some of the measures undertaken include the issuance of e-visas, opening of one hundred percent of Brazilian airlines capital to foreign investment and expansion of the regional air network.

The Tourism Minister of Brazil, Marx Beltrão has said that this program is a welcome amendment to myopia that the government has had with the regional tourism sector of Brazil. He added in a press conference that they had about 13 million unemployed people and tourism would be the best solution for these people by providing them great employment options.

The Minister stated that the country hopes that the number of foreign visitors arriving in this nation would jump from the 6.5 million registered last year to 12 million in 2022. With revenues from the tourism sector believed to expand from the existent $6 billion a year during that point of time.

Beltrão said that their objective is to increase the competitiveness among companies apart from offering additional destinations and routes. The Ministry of Tourism had proposed to the Ministry of Foreign Relations about the implementation of such visas for tourists from the nations like Japan, Australia, Canada and the United States. Certain visa waivers are also being discussed for tourists from different countries.