Gujarat celebrates International Kite Festival 2017

The 2017 edition of Uttarayan or the International Kite Festival held in Gujarat over a week recently concluded successfully. Brightly coloured kites marked the skies of cities such as Ahmedabad, which has played host to the festival since 1989.

This year the kite festival brought together people from the countries such as France, Estonia, Lithuania, Vietnam, Brazil and Cambodia. A diverse crowd of kite makers came to Ahmedabad to display their unique kites and the techniques used to make them.

“The scale of the festival has grown over time since the first festival was held in 1989. Local arts and crafts are being promoted through the market and food stalls offering local cuisine will certainly help the local economy,” said Kamlesh Patel, Chairman for Gujarat Tourism.

Cultural programmes with kite based themes, a mass scale Surya Namaskar (sun-salutation) performance and other such grand events had marked the opening of the festival, where the Tourism Minister of the State, Ganpat Sinh Vasava had pointed out the importance of the government in playing a role of providing the status of an ‘Industry’ to the tourism sector.