Japanese airline All Nippon Airways will bring a little Star Wars to the skies by decorating a new Boeing Dreamliner aircraft in R2D2 robot livery.

The airline said it will introduce an “R2D2 jet,” a Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner painted in white and blue stripes like the trusty, chirping Star Wars droid, with the Star Wars logo in black on the aircraft’s fuselage.

The airline informed that “the jet is scheduled to fly on international routes this autumn.”

The airline apparently appreciates the droid, saying on its website that R2D2 is “highly loyal and whenever he faces challenge he comes up with an original idea to succeed the mission.”

The new aircraft are part of ANA’s strategy to “enhance its international presence”.

“Although it is a lofty goal, we hope that like Star Wars, ANA will become well known and loved across all borders and generations,” said Takashi Shiki, an ANA Executive Vice President.

“We’re proud of the innovative R2-D2 design, and we look forward to witnessing the first-ever flight of a passenger aircraft featuring a Star Wars character,” said Kayleen Walters, Vice President, Marketing for Lucasfilm Ltd.