TTF Guwahati: NEITC attends seminar to promote tourism in northeast India



A seminar entitled “Challenges faced by Tourism in North East Region and Marketing North East as a Tourism Destination” was held on June 28, 2014 during the TTF, Guwahati. The seminar identified various problems related to the tourism industry of the northeast India and also suggested related solutions. The members of North East India Tourism Confederation (NEITC) from the entire region assembled to participate in the seminar. The seminar urged the importance of employment generation and economic development of the diverse, beautiful, cultured, simple, happy, peace loving citizens of northeast India.

The formation of the North East India Tourism Confederation (NEITC) by tourism stakeholders of northeast India has been a welcoming step, keeping in mind that the states in the region share a common future in tourism. The confederation consists of different Tourism & related Associations from the 8 states of North East India.

The Confederation deals with the challenges and strategies related to the tourism sector and works toward making tourism an important vehicle for the economic development in the region. Highlighting the problems faced by the tourism industry in northeast India and then finding solutions to such issues are few of the objectives of NEITC. During this seminar NEITC also launched its new website.